Status update June 24

The first two full working weeks have passed and a huge part of the wall has been built in this last two weeks, as can be seen in the panoramic photo below made by Rens!

Panoramic photo of Bouldercenter Delfts Bleau

Last Friday we finished the last part of the main wall, meaning that not only the entire wall on the left side of the hall is there, but the main wall is also finished! Next to the entrance a small wall remains to be build and the entire wall needs more reinforcements at the back.

De hoofdwand

The main wall in all it

Last Thursday the concrete floor was impregnated and sealed by PrintBeton & Co, making the floor impermeable to water and because the floor has become a bit darker, it’s even more beautiful than before.

Dick, Ineke, Ronald, Sytse, Jurgen, Conny, Janita, Nick, Rolf, Wouter, Steven, Rens, Richard, Hans, Hans and Yvette: thanks a lot for helping!

Finally this weekend the letter I’ve been waiting for from the Council arrived: the permit is granted!!! The landlord needs to make some adjustments in the fire safety of the building, but the permit is there!

In the past weeks the sand-lime bricks have been glued to the floor as the first layer of the dressing rooms. Next week we start building the dressing rooms and later in the week we start building the climbing wall in the middle.

This week we won’t work on Tuesday evening, neither on Friday.

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