Status update november 1

It has been quiet for a while around Bouldercentum Delfts Bleau. There were several causes for this: there hasn’t been much real progress, I’m still waiting for the landlord(s) and because of this, the past period has been pretty frustrating for me. Of course it’s still is going to happen, but not at the pace I’d like it to.

Some background information: the place I am going to rent is part of an area that will be redeveloped in the future. At the moment there is a large factory standing there, that used to belong to the NKF (Dutch Cable Factory). The rear part of the hall has already been bought by a real estate developer. In the front, the part where I’m going to rent my space, another real estate developer will be buying themselves in. At this very moment they are working hard to put the dots to the i’s to finalize this deal. This makes things pretty difficult, mainly on the part where some investments needs to be made, who is going to pay for this at this point in time and when the money will be available. As soon as the deal is made, the budget the real estate developer has reserved for investments in the hall will be available, but until then, things remain difficult.

Last week I have had a good meeting with the both of them, in which the current owner told he is willing to do the necessary investment in the hall, so the bouldercenter can be opened, even if the deal with the real estate developer doesn’t come through for whatever reason. Unfortunately this doesn’t give me a definite date to start building, but it does give me (even) more certainty my plans can become reality.

Todays conclusion: it’s still on and things keep getting more positive, we just need a bit more patience!

Will keep you posted!

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