More news for 2018

As promised more news! As per now you can keep track of the boulders you climbed with TickTops. Ideal to keep track of your progress and what boulders you still need to climb. You can also indicate which boulders you find more (or less) difficult than graded and which boulders you really find interesting (or less interesting).

And now for the really big news. Behind the scenes we’ve been busy thinking about this for quite a while, but now it’s final: Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau is expanding! from the beginning we anticipated to be able to use the space in the back of the gym (which is now being used as workshop and storage) for climbing walls and we think the time is now to do so. More pictures and more details will follow soon, but some numbers to start off with: we will build a little over 100 m²  more climbing surface (that’s almost 20% of our current surface). The new area and mat will connect to the current climbing wall and mat and the slackline will remain where it is now.

The new area connects to the existing area

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