Lotto NK Boulder 2015, trainings and db9

Only a couple of days to go, the Lotto NK Boulder 2015 is getting nearer and nearer. The preparations are going well and it promises to be spectaculair. If you don’t have a ticket yet: tickets can only be bought online via the webshop of the NKBV. Just follow the link on IF there are still tickets available on the event day, these will be sold at the door. There are not that many tickets available, so don’t risk it.

As of the end of May we offer a variety of trainings. not just the regular introduction course we offer every Fridaynight as of 29 May, but a technical training as well. Saturday 30 May starts the powertrainingsprogramme, 8 sessions of 2 hours in total, as well as a slackline training for beginners, 4 weeks in a row. Anything to get you into shape before the summer. More information and rates are one click away.

Rens Schop has moved to Switzerland which brought an end to his weekly physiotherapist consult on Thursday. Luckily Medicort has taken care of a replacement and we’re happy to annouce that Mathieu Ceron is back. As of Monday 18 May he’ll have a consult on a bi-weekly basis. So Monday instead of Thursday, timeslot stays 19.30h until 20.30h.

We totally forgot to publish the results of the last db9 (17 April) while the next db9 is already scheduled: Friday 3 July.

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