It’s on!

The die is cast: I’ve decided to stop waiting for the bank to make a decision and to start Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau! The B.V. is start up, the administrative process at the chamber of commerce completes the coming week and the contract for the rent is 99% finished. Cooperation with Axis and Vertigo is effected, so the quality of the climbing walls will be high. So far so good!

But there’s a but as well: starting without a bank means having less budget as well as needing to economize and therefore we cannot be as lavish as we like. Except for the climbing walls and the mats we’ll need to look into ways to realise mostly everything else with low costs. Obviously everything will be functional, but not posh. This also means that we need all the help we can get.

One of the debit entries we can influence on is the preparation for making the location ready to build. For the cleaning of the space with Kärchers, the painting of the ceiling and so on, every helping hand is welcome. Should you like to give a helping hand, please send an email stating so, because the sooner we can start building, the sooner we’re open.

Memorandum of association

Memorandum of association

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  1. Sytse says:

    Goed man. Mijn karcher heb je!