Yoga workshop for climbers at December 17

As announced earlier Marlies from Pralaya Yoga has developed a special Yoga workshop for climbers. In this workshop there will be special attention towards discovering and strengthening the (few) muscles less developed by climbers, like the backside of the shoulder, the back of the forearms and the lower back. By developing these ‘forgotten’ muscles your joints become better balanced, giving you more control, more flexibility but also more strength thus allowing you to make movements more easy.

More info about the use of yoga to support climbing in BLOK number 12, more info on the less developed muscle groups by climbers is in an article by Mathieu Ceron in BLOK number 4. BLOK is for sale at most climbing gyms and outdoor stores or through their site (they also sell older issues). Of course you can also order a subscription or give a person a subscription as a present via the site.

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday December 17, from 10:00 to 13:00h in the Pralaya Yoga Studio, Taj Mahalplaats 18, 2624 NH in Delft. The price for this workshop is E 30,- and Marlies has offered to donate the revenues to the realization of Bouldercenter Delfts Bleau!

More info on the type of yoga Marlies teaches can be found on her site.
A (partial) description:

“Pralaya Yoga classes are a physical challenge to increase strength and flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Pralaya Yoga focusses on lengthening the spine, recruiting ‘forgotten muscle groups’ and the alignment of joints. When a joint is out of balance, the tone of the muscle groups on both sides of the joint is not equal. Pralaya Yoga strengthens the weakest muscle groups. This balances the joints in the long term, prevents injuries and let the energy flow (also to your brain!).”

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