it’s our anniversary!

A brief summary in English, our apologies!
It’s unbelievable….a year has passed since Vera Zijlstra and Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen opened our center. It has been a busy year, but what a year it was!

We celebrate our first anniversary this Saturday (21 September). You cannot only enjoy a good bouldering session but also join a free demo of GoodClimbing (13.30-14.30h) and a presentation of JK Fysio on preventing climbing injuries (13.00-13.30h) or consult him on that specific muscle problem your experiencing.

Maaike, Voedingscoach Delft, knows everything you need to know about the right nutrition to support both your training schedule and your recovery. She’ll be around all afternoon to answer your questions or to make an appointment for a personal advice.

The trainingswall and the opposite wall will be closed for public. This area will be used by GoodClimbing, JK Fysio and the yoga clinic. Yoga? Yes! We’re honoured to host a clinic by Robert Boustany, the founder of Pralaya Yoga. Robert is a climber himself and has been teaching yoga for decades…well…at least for the past 40 years. Experience what yoga can do for you and your Climbing skills. As it’s our anniversary the clinic will only cost you €10! Please sign up via as the number of attendees is limited to 15. The clinic starts at 16.00h and ends at 17.30h. A cup of tea at the wrap-up is included.

Are your muscles still aching because of your bouldering session on Friday night (Klimmen met DJ I.VO.D en DJ Raat)? Sportmasseur Rex Schomaker (12.00-14.00h) has the solution!

We’re looking forward seeing you this Saturday. And…in case you decide to buy a 10-times-card on Saturday we won’t punchmark your card with Saturday’s session. It’s our anniversay!



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