Status update May 6

The outline really starts to show now, last Thursday (26th) the concrete has been poured by van der Stap beton and the floor has been power floated to make it extremely smooth. This has taken them till late in the evening, after which the floor was covered with foil, to ensure it dries evenly.

Foil covered floor

While waiting for the floor to dry, Ronald and I have been busy selecting suppliers looking for the best price and quality and ordering the materials to build the bouldering walls and the dressing rooms. Starting this week the material will arrive, starting with the plywood from MPX on Monday. The rest of the wood from Heuvelman Hout arrives on Wednesday, well in advance, so Axis en Vertigo can start building the bouldering walls as per the 15th.

Before this, the largest part of the more than 250 plates of plywood need to be equipped with holes.. About 30.000 holes that is.. With this all help is welcome, so if you have some time Tuesday, Wednesday or next week starting Tuesday it would be great!

The fun part is almost there, the building starts the 15th!

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