Status update March 29

This is a status update filled with good news, there is not just a signed tenancy agreement and are we closing in on it’s commencing date, there is real action and a lot action! Sit down and relax, it’s a substantial story.

Since we are rapidly approaching the commencing date for the tenancy agreement and thus the start of the cleaning and building activities is coming up, it’s high time to call for your help. I’m busy looking for a way to organize your help, so you know what needs to be done and when and you can subscribe to activities you can and want to help with. Tips are welcome!

A large part of my past time has been filled with locating the sewer, caused by the lack of drawings of the building. In the end this quest resulted in a location to connect to the sewer! A detailed report will be available soon.

Next good news is the separation wall, which is as good as finished! The men from Dagemo managed to build the wall in a extreme short period! There are still some small holes to close at our side and the wall needs some final strokes at the other side, but it looks great and the space seems even bigger and to have more light as it already was!

Because all supply and drains are or will be delivered in a different spot than I assumed in the original lay-out, I had to make a different design with the architect. This design is finished in concept by now, new drawings will be available soon.

Based on the new design a definitive floor plan is made in consult with Frank ‘Axis’ Bogerman, as a basis for the concrete floor. The pouring of the concrete floor by Van der Stap Beton will be done in the first half of April. Before the concrete can be poured, a small area of asphalt needs to be removed, which will be done on April 3rd by Freesmij.

Last Monday I gave an explanation on the permit application together with the architect in a good and positive conversation with the civil servant in attendance. Coming Friday I get the results of the internal meeting at the municipality and what’s next, it’s looking very positive!

In the mean time I’ve started vacuuming the steel construction, there’s for over 50 years of (greasy) dust on there, so that’s a couple of cm thick..

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4 Responses to Status update March 29

  1. edwin says:

    Grand Bleau, wat mij betreft. Het gedroomde medicijn tegen een dreigende midlife-crisis. Een boulderhal om de hoek. Ik kom snel eens kijken.


  2. nick says:

    hoi hoi

    ik wil ook helpen k heb momenteel 1 of 2 dagen per week de tijd dus laat maar weten als ik ergens mee kan helpen

    groeten nick

  3. armand says:

    ik zou wel af en toe willen helpen als ik wat tussenuurtjes heb