Status update April 23

It has been quiet for a while at the update front, not because nothing happened, but due to all the hard work there was no time left to keep you updated. The last update was posted over three weeks ago, way too long…

The hard work was mainly to meet the first deadline of the project: the cleaning of the ceiling and the steel construction. Over half a century of dust, grease and the build up of soot had to be cleaned before the guys from Van der Stap Beton started working at Wednesday April 18th. After three weeks of daily vacuuming and the last seven days working the ceiling with a high-pressure cleaner from dusk till dawn, we just met the deadline. Tuesday April 17th at 7.00 PM I cleaned the last tile, this would not have been possible without the help of Ronald, Sytse and Jolanda. Thanks guys!

Meanwhile, the plummer Marcel Wittenberg, has been busy installing the sewer, as this needed to be finished before starting with the concrete floor too.

On top of this Freesmij removed the bulge asphalt (sticking out above the rest of the floor), creating the first mountains in the hall. I largely underestimated the amount of asphalt, so the container brought by Sita was way to small. Fortunately the neighbor in the hall thought he could use it to pave his path at home with, meaning all of the asphalt is now gone.

In between we made some nice deals at the Delftse Beursvloer with School ‘s CoolJoulz and BAM.

In the mean time the request for the permit is also finished. There was some additional information required, because there needs to be a building permit for the bouldering walls. Happily, we managed to convince the council that using the place as a bouldercenter does fit into the zoning plan, so that’s taken care of.

At the moment the guys from Van der Stap Beton are busy with their preparations: There has been a supply of 20m3 sand, which they used to level the floor. The formwork is ready and the isolation is placed. Today they laid the film and placed the wire-mesh reinforcement and the distributers for the underfloor heating. After laying the tubes for the underfloor heating tomorrow, the concrete floor can be poured, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Next on the program for this week is the translation of the planning into a form I can share with you. Through this site and through Facebook a lot of you offer their help, which is really great! I hope to make clear to you all what form of help is needed when, by publishing a planning.

And I will be, aided by Ronald’s expertise as a buyer, busy looking for suppliers for the required materials for the changing rooms, the bar and not to forget the bouldering walls!

The fun part is finally here: building! It’s really taking shape now and that’s super to watch! I’ll keep you posted and I will post a activity plan soon.

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4 Responses to Status update April 23

  1. Vandaag (3-5-12) op bezoek geweest, wat een te gek initiatief is dit!
    Veel succes met de realisatie van deze droom!
    Ik kom regelmatig checken hoe t staat met de vorderingen!
    Gr. Gerco

  2. André Norel says:

    Wow het gaat goed hoor ik …. en ik heb het ook gezien … toen ik er vorige week was .
    Tjee wat een prachtige grote ruimte .. mooi licht inval … Ik krijg nu al klamme handjes ,
    Wens jullie heel veel succes én plezier met de bouw.