Status update November 18

Last couple of weeks were good weeks for Bouldercenter Delfts Bleau. I’ve had a meeting Wednesday of last week with the landlords and during this meeting we agreed on the facilities provided upon completion of the hall. Furthermore we discussed the last details of the tenancy agreement and came to an agreement on those too. During this meeting the current owner made a proposal to the real estate developer on a way to divide the costs for the adjustments that have to be made to the hall, so I don’t have to wait for the execution of the hall. During this meeting he also stated he is willing to provide his part of the money for investments right away, on the condition the local counsel still supports my plan to start a bouldering hall at this location.

In principle we agreed on a date on which the hall will be delivered to me: Januari 1st 2012. The hurdles that still are ahead are addressed and one of these hurdles is already taken: the cooperation agreement between the real estate developers to develop the area in the future is signed this week, an import milestone!

There are still two hurdles ahead:

  1. The real estate developer has to officially agree on the proposal made by the current owner for the ‘bridging loan’
  2. The current owner likes to know from the local counsel if they still support my plan on this location, before he starts investing

Last weeks I’ve been helping a couple of days in Enschede to build a temporary bouldergym (with possibilities to stay of course) as a part of the Performance Factory, which has it’s festive opening today and tomorrow. This is good for bouldering in general! More info on Cube Bouldergym at their site

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