Status update August 14 ’11

A new status update about the progress:

Slowly everybody returns from their holidays so meetings are resumed.

I had a meeting with Rene Wijss of PLP coatings to discuss the possibilities and their costs for the floor.

Made a choice for a notary to start up the company.

A new and improved version of the business plan, with all comments from the banks processed, are submitted to the bank for assessment last week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to the NKBV, Axis Round Edges and Yeti we can be part of the Sport & Culture Day (tuesday Augustus 23) at the Ontmoetings WEEk (OWEE) for new students in Delft! We are still in need for some more mats, tips are welcome!

Next weeks are going to be exciting, in which we expect some important decisions to be made, so keep an eye on this site for more news in the next few weeks!

Sander ter Steege.

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2 Responses to Status update August 14 ’11

  1. bliek says:

    Matten mag je bij Steep rotterdam halen!
    Ronald weet ervan, bel hem maar even!
    ben nog even aan het nadenken over een goede klimdag voor van de week!

    groet bliek