Slackline cursus

Been wanting to Slackline for a while? But can’t control the shaking? Don’t know how to start? Or you want to start doing tricks, but don’t know how? Want to surprise everybody in the spring when you slackline?

In February Jonas Konijnenberg of the Slacktivity slackline team will give 4 lessons on monday night (4, 11, 18 and 25) in Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau.

Jonas can be found on a slackline almost every day. In November he was in Switzerland training indoor for a month and doing some highline projects. He’s one of the better trickliners in The Netherlands, but he is also very interested in highlining. Jonas almost finished his education to become a gym teacher, so you can expect a course with truly added value.

At 19.00 the lesson for beginners start, with these lessons you will first learn the basics of slacklining: balancing, walking and a couple of static tricks.

Om 20.30 the lesson for the experienced/advanced slackliner starts. In this lesson you will learn everything that goes beyond the basics: Static tricks, dynamic tricks en footjumps. If you’re able to easily walk up and down, you have the right level for this course.

Apply in advance, there is only space for 6 persons per course! So be on time… You can apply with the form below.

Participation costs € 30,- for all 4 lessons. If you want to boulder before or after the course, the entrance is € 5,- per night.

As an extra, if you participate in this course, you can buy a Slacktivity slackline with a 20% discount! That means you can have the Allround-2 slackline for only € 89,95 in stead of € 109,- and the Experience for only € 114,95 in stead of  € 139,-

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