Jeugd Boulder 2

Coming Saturday 7 February 2015 Delfts Bleau will host the second of the National Youth competition, Jeugd Boulder 2.

Please note! This weekend trains will not be running between Den Haag HS and Rotterdam!

Time schedule for 7 February:
10.00h doors open
10.30h competitors Jeugd D & E have to be in
11.00h start Jeugd D & E
12.30h end Jeugd D & E; competitors Jeugd B & C have to be in
13.00h start Jeugd B & C; start side-event Sumo Bouldering Jeugd D & E
15.30h end Jeugd B & C; Junioren & Jeugd A have to be in
16.00h start Junioren & Jeugd A; start side-event Sumo Bouldering Jeugd B & C
18.15h End Junioren & Jeugd A
19.00h doors closed

Only competitors will boulder that day, you’ll have to wait another day to try those competition boulders for yourself.

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