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The second competition round for the national youth competition has been completed: last Saturday 43 youngsters competed in Jeugd Boulder 2. And a good competion it was! Thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants and the challenging boulders set by Bart, Sander, Robert, Rens and chief routesetter Michiel.

The results:
girls B&C: 1 Lisa Sanders, 2 Tiba Vroom,3 Elfe Claes;
boys B&C: 1 Mark Brand, 2 Sten van Vliet, 3 Don van Laere;
girls A: 1 Nienke den Hengst, 2 Aniek Lith, 3 Roos van Rooij;
boys A: 1 Bob Schubert, 2 Daan Groskamp, 3 Julian Konig;
boys juniors: 1 Teun Keusters, 2 Giel Wieggers, 3 Laurent Lorenzo.

The boulders will remain on the wall for a couple of weeks in order for you to try them yourself. There are already some pictures on our FaceBook-page but soon you’ll find a good collection of photo’s on this site as well.

In the meantime we start with the preparations for the NSK Boulder (Dutch Students Championship Boulder) that’s scheduled for Saturday 1 June. We organise this championship together with Yeti. There are already 90+ applies while there are only 100 places! Should you like to apply, don’t wait too long!

The introduction lesson scheduled for Fridaynight 3 May is fully booked, there are some places left for the introduction lesson of Fridaynight 17 May. Please apply soon should you be interested as you only have to pay the entrance fee for the introduction and guidance. Please bring clean indoor sportshoes with you, otherwise you’ll have to rent climbing shoes.

Because of the activities around building the trainings wall, the competions Boulder 1 and Jeugd Boulder 2 we simply lacked the time to build a new slackline area. During the next couple of weeks we’ll be working on that so you’ll be able to slackline again soon. We keep you posted on the progress!

We have been selling Five Ten shoes for some time now. Recently we’ve added some La Sportiva models to our collection: Cobra, Solution and Future. Soon we’ll start with selling clothes from the summer line of Chillaz. News about this collection will be published on this site and on FaceBook soon.

Last but not least: our goodwill discount on the entrance fee on showing your valid NKBV-card will be cancelled per 1 June next. We’ll continue giving a discount with a valid TU-sport card.

We wish everyone a lot of fun on the historical last Queensday. Please note in your agenda that we’ll be closed for Ascension (9 May) and Whit Monday (20 May).

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