Delfts Bleau International Youth Open


Watching and enjoying the Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) live in Sheffield in March 2017 we wondered why there’s not yet such an opportunity for the Youth JAB to meet and compete just before the opening of the international competition season. Or even just to meet at an international competition not being an EYCB. All brilliant comps are for adults, time for a change!

What if the youth JAB could test where they’re standing on an European level? What if those youngsters that just couldn’t make it to the National Youth Bouldering Team get a chance to prove they should be up there, competing next to members of National Youth Bouldering Teams? What if coaches have an opportunity to test the results of their winter training programme just before their trainees need to peak in the first EYCB of 2018?

We proudly present the Delfts Bleau International Youth Open.
Dates: Qualifications on Saturday 31 March (30 flash boulders) and Finals (4 on sight boulders) on Sunday 1 April 2018.
An open competition for both the top and the sub top of the European Youth competition boulderers with a maximum of 250 competitors. The Delfts Bleau International Youth Open will both be a dry run for the EYCB (which we shall host 2 & 3 June) as well as a platform for talented young boulderers who might experience their first European competition. Entry fee is €20 per competitor (by registration & payment in advance, official t-shirt included) or €30 per competitor (cash by registration upon arrival, no t-shirt). The boulders will be set by World Cup Setters, led by Chief Routesetters Jacky Godoffe and Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen.