DBIYO, db9 XL and opening hours

Registration for the DBIYO closes tonight (28 March) at midnight. Are you still in doubt to go climbing outside this weekend or to join the comp? You have a couple of hours to decide. The participants list will be published tomorrow. For those who already have registrated but haven’t taken care yet of the payment and/or sending in the parental consent form: please do so today.

Friday 30 March, Good Friday, we’re closed. Saturday and SUnday participants and public for the DBIYO are very welcome. Doing a quick boulder yourself in between is not an option unfortunately. For the finals on Sunday (start 10h) we’ll put up a big stand to ensure a good view. No entrance fee!

Monday 2 April, Easter Monday, it’s db9 XL time! Suitable for all adults that climb level 5 (our orange circuit) and harder. We open at 13h, the comp starts at 13.30h and you have until 18h to tick those 25 boulders. After that it’s business as usual and everyone who wants to enjoy a nice bouldering session without the “pressure” of a comp is welcome.

Quick reminder.although with all the flyers in the hall it’s hard to have missed this: Today(We 28) & Thursday (29) we open at 16h!

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