db9 is the local competition of Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau! A competition with 14 brand new boulders graded 5 to 7b+ , with a maximum of 9 attempts to top each of them. Fixating the zone hold results in extra points. You take care of filling out your score form your self and hand this score form in after finishing your last boulder. The next competition date is Friday evening 9 February and of course there will be DJ ‘s to provide good vibes. Db9 is sponsored by La Sportiva and Moon Climbing.

The competition starts at 19.00 and you can hand in your score form until 22.30. The ceremony is at 23.00.

The results of the previous editions are on the results page

You can anter the competition with the form below, so you’re sure there is a score card available for you, but is not mandatory to compete.