DB9, vacancies and Christmas

The first edition of the db9 was very succesful, a lot of people, nice boulders, good music and good fun. The first edition is won by Melle Vroom. Melle earned 159 out of  the 168 points to be earned. A well deserved victory, well done Melle! You can check the total scores below.

Scores db9 29 november 2013

1Melle VroomM1414159
2Bart GerdesM1213135
3Jeroen van ZeelandM1114135
4Rutger BrouwerM1213133
5Frank BogermanM1111119
6Marlon M1111117
7Don van LaereM1012114
8Rianne van den BergV1011113
9Lencho PalstraM1011107
10Tiba VroomV912105
11Jelle SchoutenM913104
12Stefan WarsinkM814101
13Serge LeummensM101099
14Pieter BikM81198
15Matthijs vd KnaapM101295
16Tim MastikM8994
17Adriaan van SwietenM8894
18Wieneke GehemV9985
19Dirk JanM8982
20Maarten NaaktgeborenM71174
22Roland HoekstraM7871
23F. LoosM6668
24Michel DoelemanM6766
24Jesse PauwM6766
27Alexakis LefterisM6761
30Rudy WildemanM5554
31Andrea TenagliaM5553
32Rianne LiebregtsV4750
33Robert RohaanM4648
34Hendrik vom LehnM4548
35Wisse EygenraamM4546
36Hans vd CampM4744
37Frans MiddelhoekM4544
38Trevor VermoolenM3844
39Bart van der HeeftM4543
40Dario FarottoM4540
41Kelly SchnetzM3436
42Sophia BitllochV4435
43Marco ZoccaM3635
44Jorden van LeeuwenM3525
46Bart de RooyM2323
47Gaia CavalloV2221
48Meagan KerrV2520
50Stephan KetM118
51Nils van Velsen M048
53Tony HalmaM000
53Shirley ThomasV000

Klimmuur Den Haag and Klimmuur Rotterdam have generously lent us a couple of modules which we used for the DB9 competition boulders. Thanks guys!

The calendar of the national competetion will be published by the NKBV any day now. We shall add the planning of the DB9 competition and publish the calendar on this site. The DB9 is organised 4 times per year and the next competitions will be scheduled for February, May and Augstus/September. We’re going to have a nice competition year!

In a fortnight it’s Christmas. We’re closed on 24, 25 and 26 December as well as on 31 December and the first of January.

Last but not least: we’re hiring again! As one of the requirements is being fluent in Dutch, we haven’t made the vacancies text available in English, the dutch text can be found here. We trust you to understand this.

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