db9 and maintenance closure

The db9 of Friday 3 July will be remembered as the warmest db9 in history! Tropic temperatures, but luckily also with good music, this time by DJs I-vo-D and dub754. Of course there were 14 great boulders set from 5 to 7b, but this time with a little more boulders in the lower range to compensate for the weather. The results can be found on the db9 results page as always. The next db9 is already planned, so make a note in your agenda: Friday 4 September. More info on our local competition the db9 can be found on the db9 page

Thursday 30 and Friday 31 July we’re closed for maintenance. No real big stuff, but mainly repainting the dressing rooms which needs some time to dry. Saturday 1 August we’re back in business, fresh and bright.

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