DB9 3rd edition, national holidays and the Dutch Championships Bouldering

The 3rd edition of the DB9 competition took place on Friday 16 May. Once again it was a nice evening with challenging boulders, thanks to the volumes borrowed from the Klimmuur. DJ I.VO.D, together with DJ JFM, took care of the music. With over 70 contestors we may call this event successfull. It was a first acquaintance with a competition for quite some boulderers, reason for them not to hand in the score card due to only topping 1 boulder. Next time, please do hand in your card as you might not have done so bad as you thought plus it’s the best way to find out who to watch next time in order to learn how to top that boulder as well. Don van Laere won the men comp, Tiba Vroom won the ladies comp. Both Don and Tiba are part of the RTC region Zuid-West and train with  our head route setter Michiel Nieuwenhuijzen. This is the full list of results:

Scores db9 16 mei 2014

1Don van LaereM1414158
2Rutger BrouwerM1414154
3Mattijs van der KnaapM1214146
3Marlon de GruijterM1213146
5Serge LeummensM1214141
5Vincent van den BergM1214141
7Dirk Jan MolenaarM1212140
8jasper Kamerling M1213139
9Jelle GrobbenM1114130
10Barend de Waal MalefijtM1114127
11Lencho PalstraM1212121
12Janco van GelderenM912112
13Trevor VermoolenM1011108
13Tiba VroomV910108
15Lefteris AlexakisM912103
16Guus PunteM91297
16Jesse PauwM91197
18Rogier vd PolM91296
19Robert RohaanM71192
20Ferdi de GraafM81088
21Riemer KoornM71186
22koendert wierdaM71082
23Adam LesundakM71278
23Frowin EndresM61178
25Jos de WitteM61277
26Wisse EygenraamM6966
26Mees van der SandeM51066
28Frans MiddelhoekM6665
29Hans vd CampM5964
30Kachun TsangM5760
31Robert Jan PalstraM5857
32Miranda NaaktgeborenV4956
33Boaz PauwM5955
33Jasper van der SandeM41155
35Roland HoekstraM5554
35Irma BergmansV4854
37Felix FriedlM4852
38Corinne RebneggerV4649
39Ynze VisserM4541
39Kayiu TsangM3541
41Cecile v/d MeerV3840
42Brigitte WielesV3638
43Tycho v/d StraatenM3637
44Dominic YauM3636
45Bart BisschopsM3834
46Steven ClaesM3530
47Sophia BitllochV2322

After the Dutch Championships Bouldering we’ll set a date for September for the last DB9 in this series.

Delfts Bleau is closed on Thursday 29 May, Ascension Day, and Monday 9 June, Whit Monday. This is also the case on Friday 13 June due to the routesetting and preparations for the Dutch Championships Bouldering.

Speaking of…the Lotto Dutch Championships! Saturday 14 June is the date for the Dutch top boulderers to battle for the National title. All information – available in Dutch only – is to be found on the special website http://www.nkboulder.nl. Booking your ticket in advance means having a chance on winning nice prices in our lottery.

All boulders in the competition wall will be taken out on Tuesday 10 June to make room for the competition boulders. To prevent sneak previews of the competition boulders the wall will be covered up with curtains. As there are several odd jobs to be done we’re looking for handymens willing to give a helping hand on working days between 2 and 14 June. Do you have some spare time and would you like to help making this event a hugh success? If so, please send an email to info@delftsbleau.nl or ask for Sander at our bar.

See you soon!


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