Slackline lessons

Been wanting to Slackline for a while? But can’t control the shaking? Don’t know how to start? Want to surprise everybody this summer with your slackline skills? Robert will help you out!

The course consists of 2 lessons. With these lessons you will learn the basics of slacklining: balancing, walking and some static tricks. The second one will be scheduled a fortnight after the first one in order to give you plenty of practising time.

Please apply in advance, minimal number of attendees is 4, maximum is 6. As soon as we have 4 applications we’ll set a date.

Participation costs € 30,- for both lessons. You can boulder after the course should you like so.

As an extra, if you participate in this course, you can buy a Slacktivity slackline with a 15% discount! That means you can have the Allround-2 slackline for only € 102,= instead of € 119,95 and the Experience for only € 135,95 in stead of  € 159,95