Welcome at Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau!

The name Delfts Bleau refers to Fontainebleau, the world’s Mecca for bouldering. This name is chosen because Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau has opportunities for everyone, just like in Fontainebleau. Whether you’re a beginner or a top boulderer, either way there are plenty of opportunities for fine bouldering.

Check out this page for the opening hours and here for the rates

Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau

Latest news:

  • Lotto NK Boulder 2015, trainings and db9 - Only a couple of days to go, the Lotto NK Boulder 2015 is getting nearer and nearer. If you don't have a ticket yet: tickets can only be bought online. As of the end of May we offer a variety of trainings and the weekly physiotherapist consult on Thursday has changed into a biweekly consult on Monday as of Monday 18 May. The next db9 is already scheduled: on Friday 3 July Continue reading
  • La Sportiva no edge test & feel, next db9 and the NK Boulder 2015 - Thursday 2 April we have a test en feel session of La Sportiva no edge shoes, the next db9 is on Friday 17 April and the Lotto NK Boulder is scheduled on 23 May. Continue reading
  • Jeugd Boulder 2 - (Nederlands) Zaterdag 7 februari is Jeugd Boulder 2 in Bouldercentrum Delfts Bleau. De hal is dan alleen geopend voor deelnemers en publiek, er kan niet zelf geboulderd worden. Houd er rekening mee dat er geen treinen rijden tussen Rotterdam en Den Haag! Continue reading

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