Status update May 17

Plywood, wood and nuts have been delivered.

We’ve been to Bleau to recharge our batteries and on the way home we’ve paid a visit to the second hall of Bloc’Out. This hall was supposed to be openend around March, but guess what, they’ve justed started with the building. We also visited the recently opened boulder hall Blocbuster where co-owner Sebastien has showed us around.

Last Tuesday we’ve started with the -preparations for the- building: workbenches, a table and the first part of the climbing wall. Erwin (Vertigo) and Frank (Axis) had help from Wouter, Jamie, Dick, Jonas, Ronald, Joran, Mazin and Jeroen. Thanks a million!

Het eerste stuk wand staat

Today I leave for Innsbruck together with Sytse. to watch the World Cup, to meet with suppliers and to visit Boulderwelt in Munich and Kafé Kraft in Neurenburg for inspiration.

Frank’s on holiday next week. Erwin will be there as per Tuesday, which is when we set to work again. If you have the time and feel like helping out for an hour or more: you’re welcome!

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